Savings, compliance, and employee satisfaction are top priorities for managed travel programs, but they are becoming harder to achieve.

You work hard to secure the best rates and craft effective policies. Rocketrip introduces Incentivized Behavioral Change to help achieve next level savings and compliance for your enterprise travel program. 

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Rocketrip helps our employees to make the best choices.
— Christine Zajda, Director of Procurement, Sourcing and Travel, Feld Entertainment

Savings and Compliance

Employees receive rewards for going above and beyond to save only when booking through approved channels.


Comprehensive Reporting

Rocketrip's Insights dashboard provides visibility from the departmental to the employee level.


Custom Price to Beat

Prices to Beat are calibrated to your travel policy and negotiated rates, and reflect real-time pricing.


Rocketrip Works Seamlessly with Your Travel Program


Integrated User Experience

Employees get their Price to Beat directly within your online booking tool. Rocketrip recommends the most rewarding options to help generate significant savings. 

Automated Receipt Forwarding

Rocketrip integrates with your travel management company to automate receipt processing. After a trip is booked, receipts and itineraries are automatically forwarded to Rocketrip.

Easy Expense Reconciliation

Once employee expenses are approved in your expense management system, Rocketrip matches the approved expenses to the itinerary and awards points.

We Partner with the Leaders in Travel Management

Looking to optimize your travel program? We can help.


Is Your Employee Travel Program Working?

These strategic key performance indicators help with reporting on business objectives related to travel.


How Companies Save 20–30% on Business Travel

Rocketrip analyzed data from over 800,000 flights, hotel rooms, and more from 2019 and compiled notable savings trends.