How to Maximize the Impact of Employee Autonomy

Few companies would dispute that employee autonomy is important, yet most would be hard pressed to say how this concept informs their management styles. Though study after study has found that greater autonomy makes workers more satisfied and more productive, it’s difficult to translate this generally desirable principle into a defined set of organizational practices. Join Bonusly and Rocketrip for a webinar that will identify actionable steps to enhance employee autonomy in today's workplace.

This webinar uses real world case studies to explain:

  • What the most important determinants of employee satisfaction are

  • How autonomous management styles differ from prescriptive frameworks

  • How to incorporate the principle of autonomy into employee recognition programs, travel expense management process, and more




Dan Ruch
Founder & CEO, Rocketrip

Prior to founding Rocketrip, Dan served as Vice President, Europe for Tremor Video and worked at TACODA until its successful exit to AOL. 

Raphael Crawford-Marks
Co-founder & CEO, Bonusly

Prior to founding Bonusly, Raphael was an early hire at Looksharp (acquired by WayUp) and SquareTrade (acquired by AllState).