Managing the modern workforce calls for creative strategies to keep employees motivated and satisfied.


of employees want to feel empowered to take action in their jobs.


Your travel program has a significant impact on company culture and employee happiness.

Rocketrip creates empowering cultures by letting employees keep a share of the savings they generate while booking business travel.

  • One of our mottos at Nuvasive is 'Act like an owner,' and Rocketrip has made people do just that.
    — Courtney Moran, Travel Manager and Senior Buyer, NuVasive
  • My family sponsored a refugee family in our community for Christmas using my Rocketrip rewards!
    — Employee, MediaMath
  • I have used my rewards to build a custom $1,200 duck house. Next rewards will get the pig pen updated to a pig palace.
    — Employee, Karl Storz

Employees go above and beyond to save on business travel when they are rewarded with things they truly value.


Turn your travel program into a perk that pays for itself.


Maximize the Impact of Employee Autonomy

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